Enjoy the holidays one step at a time

Anita: Hi everybody, its Anita here coming to you from Snowshoe Valley. Got my friend Anne, in the back here, tightening up her snowshoes, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a video.

Today’s video theme is about finding alternatives. Right, Anne? We were supposed to go for a ski today because Anne is training for the Birkie, and it rained this week and the tracks were really lousy, so we figured what what the heck, let’s strap on snowshoes. Here we go, we’ve got the snowshoes on, and let’s go for a snowshoe.

It’s all about resilience and finding alternate ways for making things happen to get out, and get some exercise and some fresh air, right Annie?

Anne:  That’s right.

Anita:  So, I challenge you, if you’re thinking about doing something and it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, find an alternative and make it happen. Until later, bye.