Are you a weekend warrior?

Hi everybody, it’s Anita here, coming to you from beautiful Canmore, Alberta. Wow, check out the scenery.

I spent the long weekend doing a really long hike, day one. Day two I did a really long bike ride, and day three my legs were done, but you know what it is? The weekend warrior; that second day soreness kicks in, your legs are so sore that you can barely walk down the stairs, which is what’s happening to me. I look like I have a pole up my hmm-hmm-hmm.

I thought, you know what? I have to get out for a ride and at least loosen up those legs. So I did. It was great. I didn’t have much left in my legs, but now I’m going for a walk, just to get that lactic acid out and loosen up the legs. I’ll do a little bit of stretching too, and that will help.

If you find that you have overdone it at any point in time when you are exercising and you are really, really sore, usually it takes about two days where that secondary soreness comes in. Day three is a lot better, but the best thing to do is to keep moving and force yourself to do a walk, to loosen up, and do some stretching.

That’s my tip for today. I’ll continue on walking. How could you not in this beautiful weather? Until later, bye.