Are you weathering the storm or running away from a storm?

Hi everybody, it’s Anita here, coming to you from stormy St. Albert. I don’t know if you can hear the thunder in the background. I was just out for a ride. I decided to get out really quickly, because I saw clouds were coming, but I thought I could probably get in a quick ride. And I did. I did cut it short because the black clouds started coming in. We had a tornado warning earlier today–not a warning, a watch. There’s a difference, apparently. A watch is just it could happen and a warning is batten down the hatches.

Anyway, I decided to get out and the storm was chasing me. I got in on time, and I’m now just outside my front door, safe and sound, and I’m curious. What storm is chasing you? What is it that you need to sometimes get away from, get somewhere safe and sound, or are you staying in a safe and sound comfort zone that is protecting you from some sort of storm that you really don’t want to go into, but do you know what? Sometimes when that storm is dead, there’s a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. So I’m curious. Until later.