Canada Day Bike Ride – When opportunity knocks and you have to take advantage of it

Anita:  Hi everybody, it’s Anita here, coming to you from The Blake. Where are we? I’ve already had a beer. We rode 100.5 km today, just because it’s Canada’s 150th birthday and we didn’t want to go 150 km because the beer was getting warm. We needed to actually have a cold beer.

I’m here with my friend, Pam. Are you the manager?

Pam:  Yes; head dishwasher.

Anita:  No she’s not. Pam’s the manager of The Blake.

Pam:  I’m not a big fan of this.

Anita:  She’s not a big fan, but do you know what? She’s beautiful. Do you know what? Pam was just telling me that what she has done for a living all of her life is actually worked at places where she could play. Now who the hell wouldn’t want that? Think about that for a minute. Enjoying what you love to do and then making money so that you can continue doing what you love to do. Seriously.

And here I have my friend, Leah, who you guys met earlier today.

Leah:  Yes, mountain biking.

Anita:  Leah and I have done it. We did an awesome bike ride. We did Minnewanka and then we did Tunnel Mountain, and then we went around the golf course, and it is so beautiful here. We met a whole group, a family from Florida who just left, but we joined them at the restaurant here for a beer because it was so busy outside that we decided to crash the line and they asked us to join us while we were parking our bikes, so we did that. Opportunity knocks and you have to take advantage of it. Anyway, it has been a wonderful day. Happy Canada Day and I’m going to be doing another post for the fireworks tonight in Canmore. Love you all. Bye-bye now.