CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS (Faster, Higher, Stronger)

As an athlete myself, I find that every two years I begin to immerse myself in the Olympic Spirit.  This year I’m not only inspired by the athletes, but also by the Olympic Movement itself.  As a young Kinesiologist, one of my courses was to study the History of Sport.  Gravitating towards the Olympics, and I did a major paper and presentation on Pierre de Coubertin who was the founder of the Olympics in 1896.

Since the beginning, each Olympics has been a combination of sports and politics.  The latter wants to take the stage over the athleticism, but each year the Spirit of the Olympics Trumps (pardon the pun) the political agenda and the true spirit of competition shines through. It’s generally known that the five interlocking rings represent the five continents of the world (the Americas are considered as one, North and South, along with Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia).

The Opening Ceremonies left me in awe, as the message of Yin and Yang shone through. North and South Korea came together to share one flag — one mothership — competing together as a unified nation.  How is it that Sport can make that happen with all of the political turmoil today?   The power of the games, of pure competition, of hard dedication, and the combining of nations in a spirit of the love for sport and comradery.

The mindset of an athlete is well trained

As you watch an Olympic athlete compete, you can see how mindset, visualization, and practice combine both mind and body to a pinnacle creation that brings out the best in an athlete.  With the support of a coach, each athlete strives to be the best they can be.  How many of them have had hardships or significant events happen in their lives such as failures, falls, or crashes; Something inside of them drives them to get back up, brush it off, and forge ahead.  They are motivated by their want, their desire, their “why” and an unconditional drive to go to the Olympics. As they compete in their sport, their dedication and motivation to carry the flag of their country, make their country proud and be, do and have the experience of a lifetime, fuels their performance.

We hear a story of a snowboarder who had a near-fatal crash or a speed skater who survived a motorcycle accident and a stroke just six months before competing.  Against all the odds they made it to the Olympics.  Did they win a medal?   The first athlete did, but the other did not.

What these two athletes had in common, however, was that they never gave up, just because life threw a wrench in their plans. Neither one of them just tossed up their hands and blamed their circumstances for their set back. Neither one knew how they were going to make it with all of the pain they were experiencing, despite modern medicine deciding it was an impossible feat.  They both set their minds to that goal of competing in the Olympics.  If you hear their stories, you also know that both of them did not know how they were going to get there, but they just knew they wanted it to happen and they would do whatever it took to make it there. Both injured athletes made it to the Olympics, fighting against all the odds.  This kind of tenacity is the spirit of life and dedication to oneself.

What is YOUR “Olympic Dream?” What will it take for you to reach your lofty goals?

The same tactics, tools, and mindset are required to succeed as those of an Olympic athlete. You will excel with support, encouragement and a coach to guide you along the way. You may have significant life setbacks that will knock you down. There may be people around you who are skeptical about you making it. There will be good days and days where you underperform, just like the athletes’ experience. You may even have major lows that make you feel that you’ll never get out of it. What’s important is how committed you are to make a difference, to change your life, to live each day with purpose, and to find that inner strength to keep on going and to make it happen.

“Citius Altius Fortius” translates to “How fast?  How high? How strong?”   – Make your life’s dreams your reality.


Discover the True Spirit of your Personal Olympic Dream!