End of Summer feeling

Mid August and I am getting those Summer is over Blues. The air is crisper in the morning, sun goes down sooner and back to school, routine, busy work season… all of that is slowly coming upon us.

One of my son’s is heading back to Saskatchewan for another term of University and he just commented on how the summer just flew by. Some parents are feeling that, “I can’t wait until the kids go back to school syndrome” and some of us haven’t even had our “summer” holidays yet. As my son packs up his stuff, and prepares for another year of University, I think about missing his presence in the house.

When one piece of your life changes or is absent, there is a period of being off balance that makes you stop, take notice and it throws your system off.

Going back to school or college always gave me that sense of a new beginning. Buying new clothes, new supplies for school, new classes, new friends, just a start over back into “routine”. Just like kids need routine (eating, sleeping, play time, settle down time, snack time, etc.), adults also need routine. When you get off your routine, your body tells you by feeling lethargic or tired. Sometimes we get sick or gain weight or get injured…. although our bodies are truly amazing at adapting, our personal routine and resilience strategies still need to be kept in place so that we maintain homeostasis. (Feeling of Balance)

What type of routine have you fallen off of, or want to get on to?

When getting yourself on a routine, there are some tricks that you can do to help you along the way. Any behaviour change or maintenance does need structure in order to make it work for you. Take for example brushing your teeth. How did we learn to make that a lifelong habit? I know for my kids, at a young age, their bedtime routine was – have a bath, change into your PJ’s, brush your teeth, go to the bathroom one last time … and when all of that is done, pick your favorite book and we will spend time reading in bed. This became a routine for them and I noticed when we would go camping or spend time somewhere else we needed to keep that same routine so that they were settled in bed (wherever that was), and they would get their proper sleep. If we parted from that routine, they were grumpy the next day because they were tired. How many parents out there have had that experience?


Healthy Routine tips – One habit at a time is easiest to master as opposed to changing too many at once. If you are looking at making a change, (for example starting an exercise routine), pick the same time every day to do something very basic and simple. Put it into your calendar (phone or good old fashion paper day timer). Keep it really simple so that it doesn’t become overwhelming and then you can’t even start because it is too much to think about. Give yourself at least 6-8 weeks before you notice that it is now part of your routine, and that if you don’t do it, you actually notice something is missing.


How I help my clients master their Behaviour Change?

Accountability is key. Whether you make yourself accountable by writing it down on your to do list, scheduling the time into your day, and writing yourself a positive note as a reminder, the accountability works.

Reminders such as sticky notes on the bathroom mirror or fridge, reminders with an alarm on your phone, or using a friend , family or coach to drop you a reminder – all work.

Perfect example that I use frequently for skin care with my customers. Keep it simple with 2 steps in the morning and at night. Cleanse your face and moisturize. You don’t need 7 steps to have glowing skin. AND put your cleanser and moisturizer right next to your toothbrush so that it becomes a daily ritual and part of your morning and bedtime routine.

Skin Care

Once your teeth and face are clean, grab a good book, treat yourself to a little relaxing time before bed, and voila you will wake up refreshed from a good night’s sleep.

If you want to get more information about Behaviour change and healthy routines … book a Chat with Anita. I would love to have a conversation with you.

Have a fabulous healthy rest of your Summer!