March is National Nutrition Month.  Our bodies not only need sleep and exercise but what we put into our finely tuned machines to run the engine is just as important!

When I’m competing in events that need not only dedicated training, half if not more of the battle when I am competing is my nutrition.  The energy and more specifically, the type of energy, that we fuel our bodies with not only has an impact on our ability to function physically, but it has a huge impact on our brain power too.  Our brains need real food every 2-3 hours.  AND plenty of fluid to keep all of our basic bodily functions operating properly.  Why do you get a headache in the middle of the day?  Maybe you haven’t taken in fluid (and not just caffeinated beverages but pure unadulterated Water).  Or maybe you haven’t given your brain a little carbohydrate to keep the neural pathways moving effectively.  All this for another blog. 

This past couple of months I have been experimenting more with my fuel.  As I have not trained as intense this past winter as I normally do, I have gained unwanted weight, which had me feeling tired and lethargic.  I began a different fueling experiment in January.  I started taking in more superfoods and changing up what I ate and when I ate to test the difference in my energy level. 

Tip for the Month

First cut were sugar and coffee.  That alone is a game changer.  You find sugar in so many products and it really is a silent killer. My morning kickstart has been –  Making healthier smoothies with Kale and Spinach (I know YUKE…  but really some of the concoctions I have tried have totally amazed me at how good they taste (no not like a bowl of chocolate ice cream good, but refreshing tasting).   Here is one that I rather enjoy:

Smoothie Recipe

* 1/2 cup water (may need to add a bit more if it is too thick for you or ice)

* 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt (not vanilla no sugar)

* 1/4 cup fresh Spinach or Kale (OR 1 scoop of Organic Greens)

* 1/4 cup Frozen Berries your choice (I use the mixed blueberry, raspberry, blackberry from Costco)

* 1 tbsp Chia Seeds

* For additional Protein add a scoop of Protein Powder (I recommend an organic one with no Whey, I use the 7.2 Vanilla if I know I need additional protein to sustain my morning growlies)

I also started drinking warm water first thing in the morning with 1/4 squeezed fresh lemon and 1 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar that has “Mother Root” (you can add cayenne pepper too) to kick-start your digestive organs.

The rest of the day I have healthy snacks (no more than (150-250 calories) in the morning, afternoon and early evening (only if I am hungry), and various healthy lunches and lighter dinners.  Fueling every 2-3 hours which is so necessary for your body to keep on moving and thinking in a steady state than the roller coaster effect that we often put it into with no breakfast, coffee and muffin at 10 am,  lunch out with the office or working through lunch and then hogging out as soon as you get home only to feel so full and sleepy and lazy that you just want to sit in front of the TV to digest before you make your way to bed. 

If you want more tips on getting more Energy to enjoy your life click the link below and we can have a conversation.