How Do You Keep Your Goals in Check?

Anita:  Hi everybody, it’s Anita, Cathy and Jen, and we’re out on a beautiful warm sunny day in St. Albert, snowshoeing. It was Jen’s birthday yesterday, so that’s what we’re doing. We just wanted to celebrate and, instead of going out and having a huge lunch and big huge piece of chocolate cake, although that would taste good, wouldn’t it. That would be kind of nice. We’re out having some exercise and enjoying conversation, as much as we can hear, because we’re on snowshoes it’s really loud, so I keep saying, “What? What was that? Huh?” But it’s all good because we’re besties, and in 2018 my plan is to do something outside every day, even if it’s 10 minutes. What about you guys?

Cathy:  I didn’t think of anything yet.

Jen:  Me either, but that’s a good plan.

Cathy:  Put us on the spot.

Anita:  How about we talk about that while we continue on our adventure here, and we’ll get back to you. Until later, bye for now.

How do you keep your goals in check? One great way I do is write each day in a calendar my intentions and accomplishment. And accountability buddies. How about you?