Happy Canada Day

Anita:  Hi everybody. Happy Canada Day. This is Leah, my buddy and my business partner. We only met, how many months ago?

Leah:  Yes, not very long, but I feel like I’ve known you forever already.

Anita:  Oh yes. So we were out for a ride. That’s usually what I’m doing when I’m doing my videos. That’s where I get my inspiration from, but Leah wanted to go for a long ride this weekend, and she just put it out to the universe, and we just happened to be talking, and on Thursday night, I think it was, I said, “I’m going to Canmore.” She said, “I’m going to Calgary and I’m bringing my bike.” I said, “Let’s just get together and go for a ride.”

So here we are out in the beautiful mountains of Canmore, where I think it’s Johnson Campground. I’m not sure what campground it is, but we’re on our way up to Lake Minnewanka, which is a bit of a climb, but we’re good for it. And we just did the Legacy Trail. How appropriate for Canada Day?

We’re wishing everybody a wonderful Canada Day. We’re going to get back on our bikes and climb those hills.

Leah:  Feel the burn. Happy Canada Day everybody.

Anita:  Bye.

Leah:  Bye.