Happy New Year! Happy New You!

A new year can be exciting for some as we turn the last number over from 2017 to 2018. New beginnings, new challenges, new energy.

For some, 2017 was a year they wanted to leave behind and move on. For others 2017 was a great year and they want it to go on forever. Great news on both accounts.

If your 2017 was a super year, well then celebrate your successes. AND look back at what you did and how you can do it again so that 2018 is a continuation of 2017. In this case, just because the number changed doesn’t mean you need to reset and start all over. Your thought process can mean that you just keep on doing what you are doing even bigger better than last year.

Now if your 2017 was not on the top of your charts. Well then… you can reframe your mindset!

What can you get rid of, make better, STOP doing, START with action to make your 2018 a year to remember. AND take those 2017 experiences, find mini lessons learned and use those as a spring board to higher ground.

You see folks it is all in your mindset and how you frame or reframe your life.  

How do you do that? 

1. Set daily intentions, mini steps to success. Write them down in a journal, on sticky notes, in your phone or in an old fashion day planner which is what I use. Your success will be better if you physically write them down. The action of taking your thoughts from your brain, transferring them down to your finger tips and the actual physical movement of writing and then reading your thoughts is scientifically proven to enhance your subconscious thought process.


My 7 Habits gives me pointers daily too.
The caption on this page “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” Keri Russell


Making a Decision to write intentions, read them 3 times morning and at night could be a simple behaviour that will help you make small decisions daily to change your life forever.

2. Visualization is an excellent technique as well to stir up your subconscious mind and imprint what your goals and dreams are. I love doing Vision Boards as they get your creative juices flowing and create something concrete for you to put all of your dreams and goals onto. This year I facilitated a Vision Board exercise for a group of SEACRET Agents who were doing strategic planning for their personal businesses. Not only did we have a great time, it also brought us back to something we have forgotten to do…. and that is simply to DREAM.

Vision Boards can take on many forms. Sometimes I will pick a Theme or word that expresses what my year will look like. Last year my Vision was Energy. This year it is Freedom. I also find it easier if you look at 4-5 areas in your life as a balance wheel. Where and what you want to focus on. Relationships, Health, Financial, Recreation, Professional Development, Family, Travel. These all depend on your Dreams. This year my Vision board theme is Freedom with Family, Health, Financial, Recreation, Business. I am still working on it and may need to add another board as my dreaming this year has opened up to new possibilities. So exciting!

My Vision Board (not quite finished) speaks to me. I chose a yellow backdrop as for me that is energy, bright, warmth. Color is also a subconscious trigger that can change your mood.

Health Tips for the Month

Speaking of Mood and Color. January is the most Bluesy month of the year especially for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are a 9-5 worker, you drive to work in the dark, work in an office where there is fake light, or it is dreary outside, and drive home in the dark. All you want to do is sleep, eat high fat foods and sit on the couch. Today we have a lot of food at our disposal which is high in fat, sodium and preservatives – all of which make us feel happy for the brief moment that it is on our lips as it moves to our hips.

Not only do we typically go on diets this time of year to combat the December party month and excess weight we found over the holidays, but our physical activity is reduced due to being stuck inside, hiding from our cold miserable climate. So fad diets, detox, cleanses are everywhere and we can get caught up in trying something that may not be that healthy for you AND increase your depression because you are not fueling your body with the fuel that it needs. Also we are not feeding our brains, which need food every 2 hours from actual food sources, not from stored fat or glycogen in the body.

Whoa what hit you? Less light, which can affect those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADS) and feeling lethargic from lack of proper nutrition, excess weight, and not being as active as you are in the summer months.

Did you know that every January the 2nd or 3rd Monday of the Month is called Blue Monday?

As a result of the above reasons combined with: financial challenges from spending too much over the holidays; lack of day light; over eating; not moving; cold weather that makes us want to hibernate and thus not get any fresh air; watching TV because once you are home you would rather just stay there and sit on the couch – January is a huge month for Depression and other Mental Health issues to become exacerbated.
So- if you are feeling down in the dumps – consider it normal. But if it lasts for longer than 2 weeks with out you snapping out of it, then it is time to speak to a professional. Being depressed will hit 1 in 5 in a lifetime. The key is to identify it, get support and help, and work on pulling yourself out of that hole into the bright future that you have.

My tips for January Blues:

  1. Seek professional help if it lasts longer than 2 weeks. TELL your Doctor that it has been that long.
  2. Get out in the fresh air whether it is freezing, raining, blizzard or more helpful sunshine and take in nature. My goal this year is to spend at least 30 minutes outside daily doing something. Fresh air and sunshine are good for the soul.
  3. Cut back on the use of caffeine to keep you awake. Try to cleanse yourself from that by drinking hot water with lemon, herbal decaffeinated tea, or warm milk. You will notice your jitters and anxiety relieved.
  4. Eat cleaner. Step away from high fat foods and get some (as fresh as you can) fruit and veggies. Greens, less fatty meats, high protein with quinoa or other sources and cut back on your total intake.
  5. Talk to a positive friend daily. Someone who you are comfortable just being you. Talking out loud your worries and problems with a caring friend helps shift your mindset, as well as does wonders for your heart and head.

>>I invite you to book a conversation with me if you feel it is time to work things out and get your life back.