Something I Learned About Playing Golf

Hi everybody, it’s Anita here, coming to you from Kananaskis Ranch Golf Course. I just had a wonderful game of golf with my sister-in-law, Leanne, and my bro, who’s in the orange. There he is. He wore orange today so we wouldn’t lose him while he’s in the bush looking for his balls.

It’s a beautiful day out here today and there’s something I learned about playing golf when you only go a couple of times a year. What keeps you coming back for more is that you get that really nice drive, the sound and the ting of the ball, and it just goes beautifully, really far down the middle of the fairway, or you have that really awesome putt, and you say, “Oh my God, that was awesome.” It keeps you coming back for more.

So the moral of the story is when you have something that’s really good that works really well, just remember what that felt like so that you can go back and do it again and again. But practice does make perfect.

So if you want to learn more about your golf game or to get better, don’t call me. Until later.