The Mountains are Calling Me

“When you rise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”  – Marcus Aurelius

This weekend was one of reflection as I drove into the beautiful Rocky Mountains for a long weekend with family. I was reminded of how precious it was to spend time with them, especially my Mom who is going to be 84 this Spring.  Every time I am in the mountains there is this Peace and Tranquility that overcomes me.  My dear father loved the Mountains and introduced me to them at a very early age.  He grew up in a small town “Handlova” in Czechoslovakia as a child, and would always go to the mountains when he wanted to get away from it all – which included taking an afternoon from school to hike up high in the snowy hills and get a few turns on the slopes with his backcountry skis…  I know that my love for the outdoors and the Mountains was passed down from my Father.

As Mom and I drove into the Canmore area, the cloudy skies all of the sudden parted and the sun shone through.  I always know when my Father is with us in Spirit when the Sun shines through.  Mom was in tears as we drove up, “Look at how beautiful those Mountains are… It reminds me of your Father.”  We had a moment to reflect on how much love he shared with our family for the short time that he was with us.  You see my father died young.  Before he left us here on earth – I did learn from my father how precious life is, as he would always embrace each day with a smile and thankfulness to his wonderful life in Canada.

The Mountains Are Calling

The mountains are calling. My hiking buddy.

As the weekend continued – there were other signs for me that set me back thinking about where I am in my life and where I want to be.  Skiing in the mountains in the fresh air, wind on your face as you cruise down the mountain.  The smell and sound of the wind in the pine trees.  The softness of the fresh snow under my skis.  Life is good!

I took some time to go for a long walk Saturday morning before everyone else stirred.  I’m an early bird and usually up too soon on days that are supposed to be “sleep in days.”  So I put on my runners and headed out for a hike along the riverbank in the Mountains.  Aaahhh, peace and quiet, fresh mountain air, and the sound of the wind in the pine trees.  Birds were up chirping away….  my time again to self reflect, be thankful for my health, and visualize what my day and week will look like.   As I headed to a park at the end of my walk – to do some stretching, I came across a bench that was perched up on a small berm.  A small plaque in memory of a young lady whose time at 31 was cut short.

On it read, “The Mountains are Waiting for You.”

Another reminder to me that Life is Short – for some, very short.  Another sign for me to be reminded of my Intention for that day.  Live in the Moment…. enjoy each day as if it were your last, and live life to the fullest.

This weekend – The Mountains were calling me.  I answered and enjoyed.  Taking it all in, sharing laughter and the company of family.  Finding my Peace and recharging my energy.