Canada 150 and What I Found at the Top of a Mountain

Anita:  Hi everybody, it’s Anita here, coming to you from Borjone Lake in Banff/Kananaskis area. This is Canada 150. Check that out.

What did I find at the top of a mountain, but an inukshuk. How appropriate. There’s Robin in the back, my niece. She and I hiked up here. It took us a little over three-and-a-half hours to get up here. We did about 1200-1500 feet elevation, and it is absolutely beautiful. This is wow factor, people. All of this is in my back yard. How lucky am I?

What are you guys doing for the 150th anniversary of Canada? What else are you doing, Robin, for 150?

Robin:  I’m going to go biking tomorrow.

Anita:  On the Legacy Trail.

Robin:  Maybe.

Anita:  Awesome. Share it with me. Until later.