What’s my SEACRET?

Just the other day I was at my Eye Doctor’s and she said…  “Your skin is looking fabulous. Are you still doing that SEACRET thing?”  I says – “YES Mame…  I am doing that SEACRET thing and I feel great.” Her reply, “I want some of that!” Stay tuned; I will reveal my SEACRET.

Proof is in the pudding….  Practicing what you preach, standing up for what you believe in, and being a genuine role model is key when it comes to helping people out. It works for your children and, without you often knowing it, has an impact on anyone who is observing you from near or far.

We often think of being a Role Model as something that takes a ton of work, that you have to be on your best behavior, that you can never say anything or do anything wrong. My friends, this is so far from the truth.

“No one is perfect,” and, when you show up as your true genuine and authentic self – that speaks volumes.

This picture was taken a couple of years ago when I competed in the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Worlds competition in Edmonton. My 2 pillars in the picture, who are my WHY in life, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, were there to support me. They have seen how I live my life being active, taking on various challenges both personally and professionally, observing my successes and failures. Their support, in their own way, means the world to me.

I never really knew how much I had an impact on my children until they became adult men finding their own way in this world. Both of them, independent young men, have started on their life journey finding their first path in life, working towards what their goals are for their future. As a parent watches this all unfold, you just want to protect them from any failure, but you can’t. Just knowing that they need to learn from their mistakes, just as we did, knowing failures only breed more success in the future, is something I hang my hat on.

Just as summer started and I was planning my weekends and vacations I had a good look at what I was “supposed” to do. The entire summer was planned around competing in the ITU Worlds triathlon competition the end of August. I was torn between training all summer, being stressed about “having” to train and spending my vacation fun time training. How was I going to fit in any FUN time? Not that training isn’t fun, but I do have a competitive spirit, so I am not going to just do a race. I am going to race a race.

As I stared at my calendar and really pondered my dilemma, I made a conscious decision to take something off of my plate because it was causing me too much stress and frankly ruining what could be a lovely summer.

What triggered the final decision was a weekend in Banff when I took out my golf clubs for the first time in a couple of years, and played 18 holes in a fabulous location. Check out the scenery.

My road bike was parked in the back of my vehicle and I didn’t take it out once that weekend. What happened next was an opportunity to go kayaking with some dear friends the next day…. Mmmmm, do I do a training ride and forgo a kayak or do I just decide to forgo competing this summer and just enjoy getting back to some of the great outdoor activities I have missed for the past couple of years? Decision made …. time to get back to other things that I enjoy – kayaking, golfing, hiking and still biking, but for fun and social, not for intense training.

It is amazing how making a decision can change your attitude. As soon as I gave myself permission, I felt lighter. Interestingly enough, shortly after, I was having a conversation with one of my sons…. I spoke to him about how I had felt some guilt about not competing, because that is what I do. I qualified and I paid for the race, and I should compete. In his 23 year old wisdom he said… “Mom you are always so committed to your work, to your family and to competing in so many sports. It’s okay if you don’t compete. It’s okay to step back and enjoy the summer. You work so hard through the year. Maybe you just need a break right now.” And then he said: “I am so glad that you are my Mom and I have learned so much from just watching you over the years.” Tears to my eyes … oh yes … Now that is proof in the pudding.


Healthy Tips

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body?   We need to take care of it from the inside and out.  Hydration, eating well, exercising all play an important role in caring for your skin, the organ that surrounds your entire body functioning to protect you.   What is also important is how you treat it on the outside.



I was introduced to an amazing natural product line that is made from salts and minerals from the Dead Sea.  I used to be a wash my face with water and use any cream that was on sale, every once and while kinda gal.  As my skin is aging and I spend so much time in the outdoors, I found I needed to do something to protect my outer shell.  My skin was dry, I was looking more tired, bags under my eyes, more creases commonly known as wrinkles, age spots, and on and on – yes the natural aging process, which by the way you can slow down if you take care of your skin.  So I started using SEACRET products.  I needed simple steps – 1 cleanse, 2 hydrate with cream and 3 exfoliate once a week.  So easy and the products are amazing!

I also take care of my hands and feet with mud cream. My skin has never been so clear, shiny and healthy.  Guess what ….  when you look healthy, you feel good and when you feel good about yourself your confidence is boosted, and when your confidence is boosted you walk taller and stronger, and have an aura about you that people are drawn to….  and that my friends is one of my Secrets……  Your skin needs Resiliency Training too….  taking care of it daily is key.

If you want to learn more SECRETS for your Resiliency or learn more about SEACRET products …  book a Chat with Anita. I would love to have a conversation with you.

Have a fabulous healthy summer!