What to do when life throws you roadblocks?

Hi everybody, it’s Anita here. I’m out in the middle of nowhere right now, obviously, on my bike, as per usual. I just wanted to give you a little bit of a tip here, this morning.

Excuses come up, and today I had three. When I was in bed this morning I had a crappy sleep, my legs were really tired from the whole week of training, and then the wind, and it is so windy out here today that that would have been it. You know those roadblocks that hit you when you’re trying to do something? For me, the wind today, I could have just said, “You know what? Sorry. The wall is there and I ain’t doing it.”

But plan B. What I decided to do was let’s change the direction that we’re doing so we’re going against the wind, where we have the most energy, and then we’ll have the wind at our back. And guess what? We have so much fresh air swirling around us that it just feels so good and it smells so good out here, so it’s changing that mindset that really makes it work for you.

What do you do when you hit those roadblocks? Share it with me. Until later, bye.


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