Do you feel the same, that this winter seemed to take forever to pass? I usually enjoy Winter, except this year with the cold snaps or the lack of snow it was hard to get out and enjoy skiing, snowshoeing or just going out for fresh walks.  Maybe I’m getting soft in my years. 

Now that the days are getting longer, the Sun is feeling more intense and warm; that needed energy it brings is so welcoming.   This past week I was out on my XC skis 5 days, just so I could get in as much time as possible before the snow melts.  What a difference that has made in how I feel. 

It is so important to fill up your Energy Tank and there are different ways that work for different people.  A few of the true “Get Rid of the Blues” basic ones that I depend on are:

1. Taking it Outdoors – being out in Nature, taking in the Fresh Air and now feeling the warmth of the Sunshine has got to be one of my saving graces.  There is nothing like a walk, ski, snowshoe in the woods that fuels the energy tank.  Taking a break from the office during the day for 15-20 minutes even does wonders to clear your mind and refresh you.

2.  Physical Activity – once again I take mine outside.  Getting a minimum of 30 minutes a day.  Our bodies were meant to move and our lives today are designed to sit.  It’s killing us slowly.  A simple routine when you get up in the morning take 15 minutes to do some light yoga moves and stretching.  Unless you are a morning person like me you likely do not want to hit the gym first thing in the morning, but if you can get into the habit it is a great way to start your day.  Even 20 minutes of cardio activity, a few light weights and stretching (for a total workout time of 30-40 minutes)  will kick-start your metabolism and wake you up for an energetic day.

3. Sleep – With the clocks setting forward a lot of people felt the 1 hour time change.  It is a proven fact there is an increase in Motor Vehicle Collisions on the Monday following Daylight Savings Spring forward than any other Monday.  Why?  Our Bodies Circadian Rhythms are finely tuned machines and when we disrupt that pattern our bodies need time to adjust.  You notice it more when you travel to another time zone, but even the slightest change can set your mood and your brain waves off.  Yes, we are finely tuned machines and we need to fuel ourselves with the proper energy.