Anita’s Why

True Love

Do we ever find True Love? Is it something that you have to look for or is it something that is right there inside your heart? I’m thinking the later and this is why.

What is your why?

Yes there is someone(s) special in my life right now. Nope I didn’t get flowers or chocolates or a glittery card with a heart and sparkles on it this Valentine’s Day. But what I did get this past week was way better. My Father always would say, “These
holidays like Valentines and Father’s or Mother’s Day are all commercial. You should tell someone you love them or show appreciation for a special person in your life whenever you feel compelled to (not just on Feb. 14 or when Hallmark comes out with the newest cards). My Dad has since passed, 21 years ago, and his words still ring So True in my heart.

It is special moments and those little gestures that show True Love. Well this past Family Day weekend, which was also Valentine’s week, I shared just those moments with my two amazing young sons.

Let’s start with the fact that 25 years ago I was blessed with my first son Feb 17, the Monday of our celebrated Family Day. How awesome is that? To become a Mother for the first time on Family Day. The love that one feels when they have a child is such a powerful connection it is impossible to explain. So when I got pregnant the second time around – I asked myself, “Will I have enough love to go around the second time?” Amazingly so. As the years have passed and I truly have enjoyed every stage that my two boys have been through. Yes the terrible twos – they shall pass; teenage life – ah ha, the stories are too funny and endearing; growing into young independent men… a wonderful experience to see them grow and become adults who can actually reason and give advice. This my friends is True Love.


The shoulder of someone

Connection is what we as human beings crave.


To demonstrate this love even more, I had an ah-ha this past weekend. My last two years have been a real challenge, so much to the point where I question what truly is my purpose in life?  What is my why? As I continue to forge ahead with my career in the RCMP, developing a mental health strategy for our men and women who serve and protect. Not an easy topic and not an easy feat. I do know that there is purpose in all of that.  However, helping these men and women is taking a toll on me as I continue to battle the political BS that goes along with working in a paramilitary government organization. I will save this topic for another time.

At the same time, as I travel monthly across the province and country for the RCMP, I continue to build on my business “Live2Your Potential”. The challenge of pulling together the business side of things (marketing, putting systems in place, networking, social media, with all of the behind the scene activities), combined with the part that I LOVE the most, which is work directly hands on with my clients (coaching, mentoring, speaking, facilitating), all is pulling me in two directions which takes a ton of energy.

It has come to the point of late that I ask myself what am I busting my butt for? Am I making a difference? Does it all really matter?

The answer came to me loud and clear this past week. As I mentioned earlier, Son 1 (no I don’t mean my number 1 son, which was brought to my attention by son 2) celebrated his 25th birthday. Son 2 (no son 1 he is not my favorite – I don’t have a favorite. I love you both the same) drove over 5 hours to surprise his brother for a monumental birthday.

What I realized so much more this past weekend is the love that two brothers have for each other even though they don’t always show it.

The True Love story here is the impact that these 2 guys have on my heart. The feeling you get when they thank you with a big hug for something special you did for them. Having adult conversations with them, to the point where this weekend son 2 actually gave his Mother some very sound advice. Just the very fact that I can talk to my sons as adults about anything (and I mean anything), and that our connection is so solid, made me realize even more how deep my love is for both of them.

My WHY has always been there. True love shining through my boys. This is what keeps me going every day. I know this to be true. True Love.