Since starting the coaching process with Anita I am feeling at peace, grounded and happier with myself and my life.   She made me focus on the little steps that moved me from point A to point B to point C so that I now have a plan for where I want to go.  I am able to think about the important things, how to get rid of the excess debris in my life that I often allowed to create barriers to what we want.   I am better prepared to move over life’s hurdles.

I now feel I have the tools I need to positively move forward, not be afraid and have a clear vision of the next steps I am taking to live the life that I know I want.   I now know my path and have the confidence and tools to get there.

Brenda Bowman-King


I offer:

  • Speaking  – focused on Resiliency, Burnout, and Self-Care.

  • Group Training –

    • ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training –  Living Works Education

    • MHFA – Mental Health First Aid – Mental Health Commission of Canada

    • R2MR – Road to Mental Readiness – Mental Health Commission of Canada

  • One on One Coaching – personal and business resiliency strategies to work through life transitions and change


Coaching is designed to empower and inspire, bringing out the best in you and increasing your potential. A coach does not tell you what to do, but guides your own journey, making you the expert, and the coach the committed listener and support system. A coach will:

  • Help you focus on the goals you want to achieve

  • Dig deeper, to focus and prime your brain to discover your potential

  • Design strategies to get you where you want to go

  • Support you, by holding you accountable for the process along the way

Together, we can reduce the physiological impact of stress on your mind and body by:

  • Tackling to-do lists

  • Creating better sleep habits

  • Implementing proper nutrition

  • Increasing physical activity

  • Moving on from your past

  • Developing an action plan to move forward

Anita and I worked together at a time when I needed to change my mindset and tackle obstacles in my business that I couldn’t surpass on my own.  I was surprised at how her expertise and her advice also helped me on my personal journey.  Her upbeat, enthusiastic personality is infectious and always made me smile. Because of who she is, her honesty and integrity she creates an open and trusting relationship that allowed me to be myself in any situation that I was dealing with. It didn’t matter what the issue was, she listened without judgment and gave me helpful suggestions to move me towards my goal. Anita WILL help get you on the right path no doubt in my mindset.

Donna Clark


Yes, I speak to groups or businesses, motivating people who are recovering from job stress or burnout.  Helping groups through change and individuals experiencing various life transitions.  I also speak to business entrepreneurs about managing their personal energy, and self-care so that they can have more energy, time and better working relationships for a more productive and successful business.

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